Blind Independence Diabetes Group

The Blind Independence Diabetes Group, or BID Group, is a one-stop source for people living with diabetes and blindness to obtain the best accessible products, accessible education/training, and helpful peer support to enable BID Group members to live healthy and independent lives yet never feel alone.

More about the BID Group:

  • Who: This FREE service is open to all people impacted by diabetes and vision loss with special focus for those over 50 years of age.

  • What: Nationwide Diabetes and Blindness Support Group. Groups of 25 people will be formed across America who will gather virtually to learn, discuss, share, and support their peers facing the same challenges of living well with diabetes and vision loss that they are facing. BID Group members will be given access to the top audible living with diabetes and blindness training materials as well as the best accessible diabetes testing products and proper instructions on how to use them.

  • When: Members are encouraged to listen to approximately 30 minutes of training materials per week and then meet virtually on a phone call once per week with their peer support group for 45 minutes of open discussion and/or active listening. Meeting times will be decided by each BID Group.

  • Where: On the BID Group website, members will be given access to the best audible living with diabetes and blindness training materials available. Meetings will be held virtually via phone.

  • Why: To meet new friends and peers with similar experiences and help one another to learn new skills that will benefit everyone to live long healthy independent lives with diabetes and vision loss.